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Welcome to Precision Storage Vessels

Precision Storage Vessels Pvt Ltd is a highly specialized storage tank manufacturer concentrating in High capacity Water Heaters, Indirect Heated Water Heaters, Oil & Gas Fired Water Heaters,Hot water storage tanks, Compressed Air tanks, Air Receivers, LPG tanks, Blowdown Vessels, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks, Boiler feed tanks, Surge Vessels, Expansion vessels and other products in pressure vessels category. Our mission is to satisfy customers by providing the highest quality pressure vessels, satisfying all regulatory standards and legal requirements

Expansion Tanks

Expansion Vessel Manufacturer of UAE, Expansion Vessel Manufacturer of India, Expansion Vessel Manufacturer of UK

Air Separators

Air Separators

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chilled Water Buffer Tanks manufacturer in India, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks manufacturer in UK, Chilled Water Buffer Tanks manufacturer in UAE

Air Receivers

air reciver main

Oil / Gas Fired Water Heaters

Fired Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Blow Down Vessels

Blowdown Vessels manufactures

Indirect Storage Tanks




All our tanks go vigorous tests in our facility. Our quality system starts from the receipt of boiler quality plates.



SA516 Gr 70 Boiler Quality Plates.
Stainless Steel.

Tank Linings


Due to the advancement of different tank coatings available in the market place its important for the buyer.

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