Fabricated simplex basket strainer are generally made of steel. These strainers can be made in materials like carbon steel or stainless steel based on project requirements. Basket strainers has a flat top. Basket strainer design maintains low pressure drops. Fabricated simplex strainers weighs less compared to cast iron strainers. Major advantages of basket strainers are without dismantling the pipeline connections, strainer basket can be remove by unbolting the top flange bolts. Optionally an on/off back flush valve can be installed at the bottom of strainer which can be opened when huge amount of debris gets settled at the bottom of strainer.


  • Material A36
  • Fabricated basket strainer are manufactured as per ASME standard.
  • Channel support with 4 legs.
  • Flanges to PN16 Class 150, Class 300.
  • Working pressure up to 30 bar.
  • Connection size 2” to 36”.
  • Flanged or butt weld.
  • Screen material stainless steel
  • Body flange forged steel A105.
  • Inlet/outlet connection flange forged steel A105.
  • Bolt carbon steel.
  • Nuts carbon steel.
  • Vent and drain connection standard top. Bigger sizes with Davit assembly.