Air Separators

Material of Construction:-

  • Carbon Steel – Flanged to Class 150/PN16/ PN25
  • All steel body
  • Stainless steel strainer

Advantages :-

  • Elimination of air from closed circulation system.
  • Tangential style
  • Low velocity vortex
  • Avoid inefficient pump operation.
  • Low pressure drop across the separators.

Benefits :-

  • Recover air perfectly
  • Optimum pump operation
  • Prevent pump cavitation.
    “Precision” tangential air separators are manufactured in state of the art modern facility with automatic machines.


Precision Tangential air separators removes air from the system through centrifugal action, with a combination of centrifugal force and with reduction of velocity. This makes the air, force water towards the outlet connection, where the separated air moves to the low velocity center. Air is removed from the system through air vent.

Operating Conditions:-

  • Standard working pressure : 10 bar
  • Standard Working Temperature – 177°C
  • Can supply for pressure up to 30 bar


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