Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

Chillers are designed to operate with a minimum water volume, which typically ranges from 22 litre to 38 litres per ton for air conditioning application, for to get better temperature accuracy.

Most of the chiller compressors can only start 3 to 4 times per hour. If the compressor is off and if there is a demand for chilled water the compressor cannot get on immediately. Without chilled

water, building will not get the required cooling. To solve this problem chilled water buffer vessels are added in the system. These tanks increase the capacity of the chilled water in the system and stabilize the return.

  • Tank manufactured as per ASME Standard
  • Ring supports
  • Internal Baffle
  • Air vent
  • Insulation and cladding (optional)
  • Material A36 (other materials consult factory)
  • Flanged connection (inlet and outlet)
  • Manhole (optional)
  • Tank will be externally sandblasted to SA 2.5 and then coated with two coats of red oxide primer.
  • Horizontal configuration also available .
  • Manufacturers data report for pressure vessels from U-1A as required by the provisions of ASME code will be furnished for each chilled water buffer tank.
  • Standard working pressure 10 bar, Test pressure 15 bar.
  • Plate Thickness are in excess to relevant codes.



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