Precision manufactures Standard Velocity Inline Air Separator and High Velocity Inline Air Separators with sizes from 2” to 36”. Maximum optimal flow range for standard series is 14906 GPM and for High velocity series Maximum optimal flow range is 33466 GPM. Precision In Line Air Separator are designed to eliminate air associated with any hydronic system. Inline Air Separators are designed and manufactured as per ASME Section VIII Div I and registered with National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel inspectors. Material of construction will be carbon steel. Connections are flanged to Class 150, Class 300, PN16 or PN25. External surface will be coated with red oxide primer and with one coat red enamel paint. Standard working pressure will be 10 bar. Designs up to 30 bar available on request.

Each Inline Air Separator to be fixed with air vent. A tap is fitted on body top to facilitate system fast fill removal of floating impurities and air trapped within the air separator.


Precision Inline Air Separator removes entrained air bubbles in the system. Small air bubble coalesce and form larger air bubbles which rise to the top of the vessel and vented through the air vent. Dirt particles that are collected at the bottom of the separator can be removed through the blow down valve. Precision inline air separators provide higher efficiency with reduced pressure drops so a smaller pump can be used to achieve maximum efficiency.