Water Bath Heaters


  • Capacity – 500 KW to 10 MW
  • Shell designed as per ASME Section VIII Div I Standards
  • Horizontal cylindrical shell
  • Single or twin fire tube furnace and stack
  • PLC-based control panel
  • Skid-mounted, fully wired, and assembled
  • Forced draught / atmospheric type burners as per customer request.
  • Low Nox monoblock burner
  • Fuel – Natural Gas, LPG, Light Oil
  • Tube bundles and furnace tubes are removable types
  • Tube bundle designed as per ASME B31.3
  • Platform and ladder
  • Integral Expansion tank placed on top of the heater
  • Configured to use in hazardous areas Class I, Div I or II
  • Can be designed to operate in remote areas where electrical power is not available
  • All pressure parts used in the water bath heater are hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure.
  • Insulated with 50 mm thick mineral wool insulation and clad with aluminum sheets.
  • Bath fluid & bath temperature – Water (80 – 92°C)
  • Glycol + Water (90 – 98°C)
  • Dia thermic oil (140 – 250°C)
  • Molten Salt – (200 – 400 °C)


  • To heat fuel gas
  • To heat crude oil at offshore Platforms and Refineries
  • To heat oil to reduce its viscosity for easy pumping purpose
  • To heat high-pressure natural gas prior to pressure reduction to prevent the formation of natural gas water hydrates.
  • To heat natural gas in gas gathering lines to prevent the formation of hydrates