11 August 2015
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Air Receivers
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What are Air Receivers?       

Air Receivers are storage vessels used for storing compressed air as well as it is recommended in all compressed air systems. It is an important part of a compressed air system. It is mainly used to act as a buffer or means of storage between compressor and system of consumption. It is has several purpose such as it reduces wear & tear of compressor, reduces energy cost, prevents pulsation from discharge line and moisture separation.

The Air Receivers have two different locations.

  1. Wet Receiver– This receiver is useful for reducing moisture and getting additional storage. By removing moisture it will help to reduce load on the filter as well as in dryer. These also reduce pulsation and stabilize pressure.
  2. Dry Receiver- This receiver is useful whenever there is a large demand of air unexpectedly.

The air receiver’s size depends on its consumption demand and compressor size. It acts as a reservoir for compressed air to make it cool down.

How to Install Air Receivers?

                 Installation of receiver is a complicated task but if we do it carefully it will be fine. Wet receiver is installed either opposite or down to the moisture separator but dry receiver is installed after the purification devices. It should be take care of that receiver should be in study foundation to avoid any danger as well as its moisture should be washed-out frequently. For that it should have moisture drain to remove additional moisture.

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