Tank Linings

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Lining Of Hot Water Storage Tanks
Due to the advancement of different tank coatings available in the market place its important for the buyer, specifier and user to understand the different coatings made by different manufacturers to protect the steel from corrosion.

Precision Coat
Precision coat is a polymerized coating which is applied to all internal surfaces of the tank. Tank surfaces are first sandblasted and cleaned to a white metal finish and then precision coat is applied uniformly. The tank is then forced cured at 95ºC to form a glossy lining unaffected by thermal shock from -6ºC to 100ºC. Precision coat is approved by US department of agriculture and with NSF/61 certification for drinking water.

Cement Lining
Cement Lining is a Process of Covering inside the tank with aluminum silicate cement lining. After fabrication welded mesh is tack welded inside the tank and then cement is applied to a minimum thickness of 12mm, which bonds with the steel forming a smooth surface. Cement lining is the best choice for high temperature service. Our Specially formulated cement lining provides maximum protection from corrosive effects of hot water.

Galavanized Steel
Tanks are manufactured in Carbon steel and then immersed in a molten bath of Zinc, where Zinc gets coated with the steel sheet. Galvanized steel cylinder rely upon hardness of salts in the water to form a protection coating. Galvanized steel tanks are not advisable for soft water.