11 August 2015
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Air Separators
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What are Air Separators?

                Air separators are used to eliminate air from the cooling and closed loop heating systems. The entrained air is the main trouble of the hydronic and pumping systems. It reduces heat transfer, produces irritating noise, reduces efficiency, create corrosion in pump and cause damage to pump and also it increases the energy consumption which effects working of these systems. So to solve these problems air needs to be separated using air separators.

How Air Separator Works?

                The air separator consists of central baffle that is a flow directing panel which deals with the flow of water. Water is made to flow in and flow out through tangential nozzles of air separator, which helps to create a low velocity at the center of unit. This centrifugal action as well as reduction in velocity makes water separated from air to flow towards the outer edge. Then entrained air is captured in separator and when the amount of captured gas becomes more than the pressure of separator then it will reduce the float this will make air automatically exit from the top air vents of separator.

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